Lacey Sculls is a musician, singer, song-writer, and TV personality. She is best known for her villainous role that she played on Vh1. Music, however, has always been Lacey's true passion. Lacey's current band is HALO. Her debut album "Something Evil This Way Comes" is available now.  (You can get it on this website, by going to the purchase page). Lacey has toured the U.S. many times, and has fronted several bands in the industrial-rock scene, including Lords of Acid, Pigface, and Nocturne. Lacey is also an activist and an advocate of human rights, equality, and animal rights. In 2007, Lacey founded her own dog rescue organization called Heroes K9 Rescue, through which she rescues the "death row dogs" of L.A.'s city animal shelters.

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