"Indecent Exposure, with Lacey Sculls"                coming in 2019

"Indecent Exposure, with Lacey Sculls" is an exciting new talk show that is currently in pre-production, and will be produced and hosted by TV personality, Lacey Sculls.  Through her show, Lacey vows to revolutionize the vibe of the current talk shows, like Real Time with Bill Maher. By eliminating the older-male, corporately dressed host, and instead placing a quick-witted, powerhouse vixen at the helm, audiences of a much broader spectrum will be given a person who they can relate to, regarding topics that matter most to them.

On "Indecent Exposure", Lacey will tackle a wide array of topics, including those pertaining to social issues, equality, animals rights, the environment, music, sexuality, pop culture, and more. Each episode will feature a panel of celebrity guests and experts, and no topic will be “off limits”.  Lacey vows to give a voice to the “underdogs” of our society, and will shine a spotlight on issues that have been neglected by the mainstream media. Lacey is reinventing the way that talk shows are done, and in doing so, "Indecent Exposure with Lacey Sculls" is sure to raise the bar in the talk show arena.

Vh1's "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels, and   "Charm School" with Sharon Osbourne

Reality star Lacey Sculls has been a major player in the music world for over a decade. In spite of Lacey’s extensive music career though, she is best known for the fiery character that she played on two popular reality tv shows: Vh1's "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels, and Vh1's "Charm School" with Sharon Osbourne. Both shows which were aired in multiple countries across the world.  The outrageous and hilariously mischievous role that she played, made Lacey one of the primary characters on both shows. "Rock of Love" was a show that proved to be a huge success. With up to 5 million viewers, it was the highest rated show in Vh1 history at the time of its airing. One of the final episodes of "Rock of Love" even went up against - and beat - the Emmy’s, in ratings. To this date, Lacey stands out as one of reality tv’s most infamous characters, and was an integral part of the show’s success.